1. “Alföldi” Goulash Soup - Alföldi Gulyásleves


1. “Alföldi” Goulash Soup - Alföldi Gulyásleves

Goulash is the most famous Hungarian dish. It is usually made with beef, but often substituted with pork. It is a one pot dish, very flavourful and the difficulty of preparation is medium. It can be cooked over open fire in a pot called “bogrács” (see on the picture, it is in a “bogrács''), a very good addition to a barbeque party. (Vegan and vegetarian modification are at the bottom of recipe)

Goulash Soup in "Bogrács"





100 g

3.5 oz

Lard or vegetable oil or olive oil

250 g

8.8 oz

Yellow onions (finely diced)

20 g

0.7 oz

Hungarian paprika powder (sweet or a mix of sweet and hot for taste)

800 g

28.2 oz

Diced beef or pork

30 g

1.1 oz


To taste

Black pepper (approx a quarter TS)

20 g

0.7 oz

Whole caraway seeds

50 g

1.8 oz

Garlic (minced)

200 g

7.1 oz

Carrot (sliced)

100 g

3.5 oz

Parsnip (sliced)

600 g

21.2 oz

Potatoes (large cubed approx: 0.75-1" cubes)

100 g

3.5 oz

Green pepper (diced, core removed))

100 g

3.5 oz

Tomatoes (diced)


"csipetke" - pinched pasta:


whole eggs

130 g

4.6 oz

approx 120-150g plain flour (see consistency on pic, it should be gluey


pinch salt



  1. Add the lard or oil to the pot and heat it up
  2. Add the finely diced onions and saute until it is golden brown on medium high heat
  3. Set the heat low, when it cooled down, add the Hungarian Paprika powder and mix it well, cook it for 1 minute on low heat otherwise it will be bitter.
  4. Add the diced beef or pork set medium heat and add a quarter cup water, cook the meat covered with lid until it changes colour and add more water if needed, stir it every couple of minutes (15-20 mins)
  5. Add the caraway seeds and garlic, remove the lid and turn up the heat to medium-high and cook it until all of the water evaporates while stirring continuously
  6. When the water evaporated and started to fry in the fat or oil add the sliced carrots and parsnip, fry it for a couple of minutes to help soften the carrots
  7. Add the diced green pepper than pour the water into the pot until it covers the ingredients fully and a bit more (potatoes will go in)
  8. Add the salt and black pepper to taste
  9. Cook it until the meat is almost done (approx 20 minutes earlier than done) Add the potatoes and cook until the potatoes are done. Add some water if needed.
  10. Make the pinched pasta while the potatoes are cooking:
    Beat 1 whole egg in a mixing bowl, add 120g/4.5oz plain flour and a couple of pinch of salt, then mix them, if it is soft add more flour if you want more add more eggs, do not add water, just eggs and flour. Consistency should be quite thick gluey see pic:
  11. When the potatoes are cooked and you have some extra water in the pot, if not add more water and wait until it is boiling, then start pinching the pasta with a small oiled spoon from the bowl to the soup, the pinch size should be kidney bean size. When you have no pasta left, cook them for a minute or two, they should come up to the top of the soup when cooked, make sure you have some water on the soup, it should not be thick.
    There is a pic of the dumplings to see how it is supposed to look like. You can make the dumplings in a separate bowl with boiling salted water and mix it into the soup after:


I hope you will enjoy the food and cooking. Preparation should take 45 minutes and another 1-3 hours cooking the meat, depending on how tender the meat is.

If you are vegan or vegetarian:

You can substitute the meat with textured soy protein cubes or seitan. Minimum cooking time should be 45 mins to get good flavours.

The pinched pasta can be made with no eggs, but you need to use the strongest white wheat flour possible (protein content should be 13g/100g or more) and the dumplings need to be cooked separately in salted water and cook almost double amount of flour because significant part will disintegrate in the water, but use a pasta strainer and was it over the tap, it will be as good as the eggs pasta. Alternatively, it will be good with no pinched pasta.