Menol Spices Hungarian Paprika, Premium Quality, Origin: Szeged, Hungary

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  • Hungarian paprika is perfect for your favourite goulash, eggs or curry. Just a sprinkle adds a flavourful and colourful touch to meat, fish, poultry or chips. It gives beautiful red colour and nice paprika flavour to your dish. This paprika is not bitter at all like the Spanish-style paprika we tried.
  • Hungarian-Style Paprika is the best in the world. Hungary has the sunshine and the knowledgeable farmers needed for producing sweet, rich flavoured paprika.
  • Menol Spices paprika is a handcrafted product. It is 100% Hungarian paprika, contains no other ingredients, it was not heat treated therefore it has a slightly shorter shelf life but better quality. Stone ground in small batches. Hand packaged in textile bag. There are a multi-layered aroma protecting inner bag.
  • Harvested by hand straight from the capital of paprika, Szeged in Hungary
  • Fresh product, we have monthly imports from Hungary.
  • Our Hot paprika is 2 times hotter than most of the Hot Hungarian paprika on the market.
  • We offer free return and money back guarantee if you are not happy with the quality of the paprika.

We import our Menol Spices range paprika directly from one of the best small-size paprika manufacturer. They work under HACCP quality control system. To ensure best quality, we test all batches in accredited laboratory for natural colour, capsaicin, microbiology and food safety.

After opening the packaging, keep the paprika in a dark cool place (below 20 degrees Celsius) in a tin foil wrapped airtight glass jar or fold the opening of original aroma protecting bag. If you need to store it longer than 3-4 months after opening the aroma protecting bag, it is best to keep it in the fridge/freezer, especially in the summer. The natural colour of paprika can fade in warm temperatures and in the presence of air or sunshine. Keeping the paprika in the freezer is the best way to store it.



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